It’s day two back in Manchester. I think I’ve come down from the trip. Leaving Venice was hard, as ever. But I kept reminding myself that in less than four months I will be back again. And that helped.


From the moment I got back I’ve been revising my research and my photos for the second edition of my book, firing off a few emails and planning for September. It keeps me focused. Amongst other things I’ve had a look at the financial damage from 6 days in the city. The general consensus is that Venice is expensive. But is it? If you want it to be, if you’re gullible, you can allow yourself to be stitched up left, right and centre by tourist traps. But you don’t have to be. The tourist stuff isn’t hidden and it doesn’t take much effort to find better places. If you’re lazy, serve you right.


So, what did I spend? In total, from start to finish I blew a respectable £759.83. That includes flight, travel insurance (for the whole year not just the trip), airport parking, my Airbnb, the Alilaguna return to the airport, my souvenier spending and my food, drink, travel and entry fees to attractions whilst I was there.

I spent £62 on souvenirs from Forcalaio Matteo, £19 at Libreria Acqua Alta and £8 on a flag. Yes, I know, my one actual tourist purchase but I had to have a flag for the wall at home.

Travel in the city cost £11 – a day return to Murano and two trips at the San Toma traghetto.

I  paid £6 for a walk up to the top of the Bovolo which was much nicer than the San Marco Campanile.


£208 went on food, drink and snacks including the rip off food at the airport (because by that time I had stopped caring). I didn’t eat at expensive restaurants. But I didn’t eat at any obvious tourists spots either. Dinner averaged £18 which would get me a course, wine or Aperol and coffee. Lunch was usually cichetti and an Aperol Spritz and they varied from 7 – 12 Euros depending on how central you were. Al Timon up near Fondamenta Nove was the cheapest. Cichetti is always very good and suits my eating habits perfectly.

Breakfast was always cappuccino and a croissant on the run at £2.20 and I managed a few icecreams and a few swift espressos on the run as well. A generous double cone will cost you £2.50 and an espresso will set you back just 1 Euro. Try getting that in London.

So I averaged about £30 a day on food and the food is good.

I don’t think that’s too bad for a week. I could have eaten for far less, but why go to a city with a wonderful food culture and eat microwave meals for the price of a cichetti? I adore fish and anything that comes from the sea. I love pasta, I love pizza. Basically I always eat Italian when at home anyway. This is just a far better and more authentic version. And because I was careful to go to good places that were recommended I feel like I’ve put a little back in. I don’t feel guilty is what I’m saying.

So here’s a roundup of everywhere I went (bar one or two cafes I forgot to note).

Al Timon
Museo Wagner
Casino Venezia (Wagner Concerto)
Bacaro del Gelato
Chiesa di San Felice
Chiesa di Santo Stefano
Basillica dei Frari
Murano (everywhere!)
Gelateria Ca’ d’Oro
Traghetto di San Toma
Cantina do Mori
Goppion Caffetteria
Palazza Mocenigo Casa Nuova
Squero di San Trovaso
Gelateria Nico
Scala Contarini del Bovolo
Teatro La Fenice
Libreria Acqua Alta
Biblioteca Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor
Osteria Ruga di Jaffe
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Conca D’Oro
Bacarando ai Corrazzieri
Serra Dei Giardini
Ri.gu. S.a.s

So you think Venice is still expensive? I beg to differ because you won’t find the Venice experience anywhere else in the world.



Author: crinkum-crankum

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