Lingua Italiano Parte 2

I am not a natural when it comes to learning new skills. If I am really interested in something it’s relatively easy to pick it up and retain the information but there are some things I am just not that great at. Languages is one of them. I admire anyone who can speak a second language. So my bucket list task this year, to learn Italian, is not an easy ride.

Duolingo got me hooked, Tom Weila helped explain the problem areas I couldn’t master, and now I’ve found Italianoautomatico to fill in even more gaps. To top it up I have Google Translate which does get me out of scrapes especially when I am trying to build sentences in real time, and I have a fantastic app on my phone called Vidalingua which is great for on the go. I use this a lot when I need to find words Duolingo hasn’t taught me yet. Of which thre are many!

But of course the main problem is that I live in Manchester which is not known for its ‘lingua italiano’. So I’ve converted all my home pages on my laptop to Italian and and I have Italian Radio and news channels playing at work.  The only way to truly learn a language is to live with it and in it. And from here that is not easy. So it’s all remote at the moment.  By surrounding myself in it, thinking it, saying it and listening to it, it’s like a slow drip feed.

Come May I will know how well I am doing. I’m off to Venezia for one week. Of course Venetian is a dialect all of its own, even a language of its own, so I know I am going to hit many stumbling blocks that week. Using the language in a real setting will be my first major challenge and I am excited for the challenge and terrified of getting it oh so very wrong and looking like an idiot. I just hope I’m up to the task.

Ho a molto lungo viaggio in anticipo di me!



Author: crinkum-crankum

Published author. Scriptwriter. Researcher. Designer. Descendant of Giovanni Battista Falcieri. Volunteer at Newstead Abbey. Byron groupie

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