The Older You Get…

…the less enthusiasm you have.

That’s a conversation I had with someone not so many months ago as I was trying to revive my archived ‘Jack the Ripper’ script and failing to get a handle on it. We were both at that nasty in between point in our respective literary journeys where nothing was going anywhere. Fast forward a month and I’m completely obsessed and enthusiastic beyond my wildest imagination by my current project.

Maybe if you’re not enthusiastic, it isn’t your age that’s the problem, it’s the the thing you are trying to get enthusiastic about. So change it. I put away my Ripper script and moved on.

My new enthusiasm has already taken me in a whole new direction. I am busy working on projects I couldn’t have imagined back when I thought I had writers block.

But ironically something that happened not so long ago has made me think again about that old Ripper script, and somewhere in the back of my mind there’s a tiny cog turning. And it’s just starting to gain some momentum.

So maybe it wasn’t the project either, but the timing and the realisation of what enthusiasm feels like. And that is what I needed to realise the virtue in the project I thought was as dead as a dodo.


Author: crinkum-crankum

Published author. Scriptwriter. Researcher. Designer. Descendant of Giovanni Battista Falcieri. Volunteer at Newstead Abbey. Byron groupie

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