The Pilgrimage

I have recently booked my first holiday as a single person.

I’ve never traveled abroad alone before but I often thought I’d like to. I have no qualms about doing things alone. I am very independent. But it will also have been 3 years since I had a holiday, and if I wait until there is someone else to go with, I may never go again. So I think I’ve earned it. And it means I can do things my own way. Which is essential for the kind of holiday I have in mind.

I’ve opted for Venice. For obvious reasons. I haven’t been there in 10 years and I’ve been 6 times. I have desperately missed it. It may only be genealogy but it feels like home. If I had the money I would have bought a second home there years ago.

Budgets have changed a lot since I was last there. Not only do I have fewer funds to play with, but the prices have doubled. I’ve decided on AirBNB and found a room share in San Polo that’s within my budget. I wanted to go before the holiday season, it’s cooler, cheaper and there are less people. And the only week I could get was at the beginning of May.

Coincidentally I will be in Venice for Tita’s birthday. I think I shall have to spend the day on Murano to celebrate. And by mid May 1818 Byron had moved to the Palazzo Mocenigo though he wasn’t to meet Tita until around early August. So it’s a historically interesting time from my point of view – not taking into account the ENORMOUS history of the city itself.

I’m avoiding all the tourist hotspots and letting fate take charge of the rest of the arrangements so we’ll see where it takes me. Because sometimes you can’t always be in control.

You can read my book ‘A Most Faithful Attendant – The Life of Giovanni Battista Falcieri‘ by purchasing it here.


Author: crinkum-crankum

Published author. Scriptwriter. Researcher. Designer. Descendant of Giovanni Battista Falcieri. Volunteer at Newstead Abbey. Byron groupie

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