A Life Squandered

Lord Byron wrote to his mother aged 16 that he would ‘cut myself a path through the world or perish in the attempt‘. Such was his ambition to be something. It is an admirable statement. And he stuck to it. To a degree at least.

For me, a life without purpose is a life squandered. Of course it depends on your interpretation of purpose. Mine is to design and write. Creativity is my life blood. It’s what I have been doing since I was 12. But I want it to mean something. It has to be more than just words.

Every day I design or write or both. To me work is what binds everything together. Get your working hours right, and everything else will follow. And because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work. Without these things in my life it does not bear imagining what I would be.

That said, I have squandered huge chunks of my time, let’s not kid ourselves here. But I remind myself that there are many people who will not have got as far as me. I still have time. Whilst you are alive, there is always still time. And regret is pointless.

That is a hard thing for me to say because I am my own harshest critic. But sometimes you need reminding. As for the rest of it, well I am well and truly back on track.

You can read my book ‘A Most Faithful Attendant – The Life of Giovanni Battista Falcieri‘ by purchasing it here.


Author: crinkum-crankum

Published author. Scriptwriter. Researcher. Designer. Descendant of Giovanni Battista Falcieri. Volunteer at Newstead Abbey. Byron groupie

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